Monday, February 21, 2005

In Which the Conspiracy is Revealed

You may have noticed a distinct lack of activity on this blog lately. I've noticed. It's made me a bit nervous. I've heard the stories. As a bride I am supposed to devote every available second of my life to planning this wedding. Ideally I would have enough money at my disposal to quit the job, so I could turn the planning into a full time process. And then I'm going to hire someone on top of that to assist in the planning.

But I've spent about 15 minutes on wedding stuff in the last month (calling florists to set appointments), and I think we're well on schedule without killing ourelves later in the process.

Check the math for me - here's what we've got lined up thus far:
Church, Reception Hall, Caterer, Photographer, DJ, Wedding Dress, Hairdresser, Rehearsal Dinner.

Here's what's left to be lined up:
Florist, Invitations, Mens Attire, Bridesmaid Attire, Registry

There are also some things that we've gotten started on, but can't complete until later:
Honeymoon planning, Cake, Seating Arrangements

Plus a variety of details to be worked out, that I know will take up more time as we get closer to the date.

So what am I supposed to be spending all this time on? I suspect I'm supposed to make every one of our decisions much more difficult than it actually is. I'm supposed to spend weeks pondering exactly what the correct shade of pink should be. I'm supposed to interview every photographer/caterer/florist etc. in a tri-state region before making a decision. But really, I've got better things to do with my time. We're interviewing around 3-4 vendors in each given area and, assuming one fits our criteria and we are happy with the product they are offering, we book them. Could there be a slightly better photographer/caterer/florist etc. out there? Probably, but I'm not going to kill myself in the name of the hunt.

And I bet no one will notice the difference on the wedding day.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Princess Swankette

While in Portland this weekend Sweetie and I swang by the bridal shop to pick up my tiara. My mother tried to insist that the groom not see the tiara until the wedding day, but I suspect that all things considered he will not be aware that I am wearing a tiara on the wedding day, so decided he's allowed to see it in advance.

After picking it up from the store I tried it on, so Sweetie could see what it looked like. And it made me feel like a princess, with that little band of rhinestones perched on top of my head, so I left it on. So if you were driving up SE 82nd Ave in Portland Saturday afternoon and were wondering why that girl was wearing a crown on top of her head now you now.

I stopped for gas at one point, and am convinced the 18 year old who helped me thought I was insane, wearing a sweatshirt and a tiara. And hey, maybe he's right.

We're going to a birthday party for Sweetie's mom tomorrow night. She's requested I wear the tiara. And when your future mother-in-law requests you wear a tiara to her birthday celebration it would be rude to dissapoint.

We may be coming up with other excuses to wear the tiara over the next 6 months. Because what fun is a tiara if you don't get to wear it?

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Florists have been contacted. Appointments have been made. There will be flowers at the wedding (assuming the budget allows). We're back into full swing now. The break was nice.