Tuesday, August 09, 2005


In reflecting on the big day one of the things I was most thankful for were my attendants.

Not only are Kaphine and Matt my two best friends that aren't related to me, but their yin and yang was perfect to keep me sane during the big day.

Kaphine was my protector and professional futzer. She played with my hair, carried my bag, fixed my train, bustled the dress, and generally just did stuff all day long. Just look at the photos - many of the group shots have her futzing to get hair, or a boutineire or something else just right. Half of the photos of Sweetie and I greeting our guests outside of the church have her right behind me, playing with my hair.

Matt was my calm in the store. He's been through this before, so he's an old pro. And he just exuced this sense of calm that was contagious. He knew when to crack a joke to release the tension, or when to give a shoulder rub before the stress exploded out of my ears.

A friend of a friend is serving as a bridesmaid later this year. She was asked not to tan if there was a chance of getting strap marks, as the bridesmaid's dresses are strapless and would ruin the look. She's been asked to grow out her hair, so all the bridesmaids can have matching dues. And she's being paid cold hard cash not to dye is some crazy color, because you aren't allowed crazy colored hair when standing up in a wedding.

Me, I'm glad I chose my friends for the support they've shown me over the years, and the continued support they'd show me through the day and through our lives together, rather than how cute they'd look standing up there at the altar. Of course, we all looked fabulous, but that was just a fringe benefit.


Blogger kaphine said...

I don't even know how to respond. All I wanted in the world was to make sure you had no worries so that you could just enjoy your wedding day. I just wanted to be there for you in every way I could. It was a beautiful day. I can't remember many events that have made me feel a part of such a great love. Your wedding was so full of love, full of people I love, full of peaople who love me. And we get to do it all again in 11 days!!!

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