Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Final Countdown

So insomnia is not a wholely terrible thing to have when you are an anal retenstive procrastinator planning a wedding. Helped me get a lot of necessary stuff done over the last few nights.

Friends and loved ones are in town. We have rehearsed, Sweetie cried (as did I, but it was his crying that got me started), pitches have been pitched and anthems have been sung.

I think the priest and her assistant are a bit trepidatious as to how things will go today, as during the rehearsal yesterday there was a lot of joking around going on. It was so we could all get it out of our system then so today will be fabulous, but they didn't totally believe us when we told them that. The priest has indicated that if something happens and she gets the giggles it's a done deal.

I had forgotten to bring the stand-in boquet to the rehearsal (paper plate covered with bows from the shower), and folks think it was on purpose. But really I had thought about it several times over the last week - if I don't bring that damn thing people will be mad - but leaving the house yesterday with the whining cat it REALLY slipped my mind. The upside is that the brother got it in his head that we needed flowers to practice with, so went out and scored us some. Sweetie had an ad hoc boutineire of a flower shoved through a button hole in his polo. I got a stem of something that I probably should know the name of, but don't. It was fabulously sweet.

There's one bit of the service where I'm a bit worried about my physical composure. We kneel on a kneeler pad, and the height of the step on which it sets, combined with the width of said step, and the big-ass dress and heels I'll be wearing make me a bit trepidatious. I was a bit shaky kneeling there yesterday, and that was without the wardrobe. This is our little secret for now, as no one involved needs to know until after the fact.

The rehearsal dinner was perfect - our friends and family got to do lots of on-field promotions and scored pretty big as a whole. During the picnic two random people showed up and started partaking of our food and enjoying the toasts and thank you's and such. Sweetie and I were seriously tempted to go great them with open arms, but didn't. Other than that the rehearsal dinner was perfect. Well, the Aquasox got creamed, but I was barely paying attention to the fact that a baseball game was going on, I was enjoying the friends and family too much.

Today will shortly become a whirlwind - set-up at the hall, make-up, hair, dress, limo to the church, and then I'll be me a Mrs. There will likely be details to follow.


Blogger kaphine said...

The flowers in question: hydrengia. One of my faves.

I'll go ahead and post a little post-wedding.

Everything went off beautifully. The sermon was better than perfect: entertaining, funny, thought-provoking, beautiful, sentimental. The priest really gets Swankette and TeacherRefPoet. She even cried.

Swankette was beautiful beyond belief. TRP's breath was taken away. He loves her.

OK, I'm getting all choked up just tellin y'all 'bout it.

The reception was a great party. There was so much love. All our love for the couple, for each other.

It was the best day. Ever.

Well, at least until three weeks from today when we get to do it all over again!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There really aren't any words to describe what a great weekend it was. The bride and groom created an amazing space for all of their friends and family to come together, to come to know one another, and to celebrate their love in a myriad of ways.

Some of the highlights for me:

Mini-College reunion: Great to see everyone from the alma mater, to learn more about the great lives they continue to build, and to feel so easily connected, even though we don't get the chance to hang or talk as much as we'd like. I love y'all.

The choir rehearsals: Haven't had a chance to sing in a long time, and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to sing for such a sacred event with such great and talented folks.

The ballgame: a great time both watching the game and enjoying the humor and presence of a broad array of the bride's and groom's friends and family.

The Cathedral of St. Mark--a wonderfully simple holy space with a warm sound for the choir and lots of sunlight. I could walk barefoot in that place forever.

The Celebrant: It's been said already, but she was fantastic. Her presence was just right, her sermon beautiful, and in general, she added a strong spiritual dimension to an already spiritually powerful weekend.

The readings: The best trio of readings from Christian scripture I've ever heard. I'd never heard the reading from Matthew (You are salt and light for the world) at a wedding before. It added a powerful, public dimension to marriage and opened a cool door for the celebrant in her homily.

The bride and groom: In some ways, it goes without saying. It was just amazing to watch both of them during the wedding. So, so in love. Made me want to renew my vows, made me want to cry, made me want to go out and change the world. Love y'all!

The reception: fun dancing with the whole gang; a chance to sing several a capella favorites; and new relationships with folks I hadn't met before that night. Maybe one of my top three wedding reception moments!

Thanks, you guys, for the opportunity to celebrate with you. Blessings!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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