Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Bride's Side

A couple of things Sweetie missed in his previous post:

The Tri-City pitcher who threw 12/13 balls? We might have had something to do with that. After he walks the first guy and then his first three pitches to #2 were balls we started chanting: BALL THREE, BALL THREE, BALL THREE. Guess what? He threw a ball! We started again: BALL FOUR, BALL FOUR, BALL FOUR. Got a lot of the crowd to chant along with us. The pitching coach came out for a conference on the mound. When he finally got pulled and the new guy came in we tried to get it going again: BALL ONE, BALL ONE, BALL ONE. Mr. Tri-City guy, if you happen to stumble across this blog, I'm sorry, but part of coming up through the minors is learning to deal with heckling.

Also, there is a key piece of the story Sweetie left out with Dad of Swank and "What's in the Car?" I am a former employee of the Tri-City Dust Devils. As such, I've got a lot of Dust Devils swag still floating around the house. I don't really hold any allegiance to the team, as the reason I am no longer in baseball is they basically tried to turn me into a slave, but the printed version of the mascot is cute and the BP cap is REALLY cool looking. Sweetie had offered to get me an Everett cap before the rehearsal dinner to wear during the first pitch, but I decided I'd rather wear my Dust Devils cap. Dad decided to wear a Dust Devils golf shirt that night (he probably still roots for the team. He's loyal to his teams beyond fault). I was joking we'd be like the Montague's and Capulets - Aquasox and Dust Devils - but hopefully without the suicide at the end of it all.

When it came time for "What's in the Car?" I walked Dad down to the appropriate section of the Stadium. Anytime you do an onfield promotion for a baseball game you're going to be stuck just sitting around for a little while, because you never know how long an inning will be, and need to be on the sidelines ready to go. The Aquasox guy who would be emceeing "What's in the Car?" noticed the Dust Devils wear, and I explained to him how I used to work for the team. So Dad gets onfield and it goes something like this:

Mr. Aquasox guy: "We're here for What's in the Car, and I've got Dad of Swank here with me this evening. He's got a Dust Devils shirt on, so I'm not quite sure how we let him out on the field, but anyway here we go. The clue tonight is PLASTIC. Would you like this brand new Aquasox hat or what's in the car? Actually, I'll give you $20 cash to get a new shirt if you take the hat, so do you want that or what's in the car?"

I'm yelling at my dad to take the cash (just to see if the guy would really cough up the dough), but Dad opted for what's in the car. Won a $50 gift certificate that would kill Sweetie if we got within a block of it, so Mom and Dad will get to do dinner on their own next time they're up in Seattle.


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